Why has there been such a limited selection of materials compatible with advanced manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes? Why should you change the way you manufacture or the machines you employ just because you use different materials? What if you could create multi-material, three-dimensional structures with the same flexibility as an artist that can blend and apply paints to create a masterpiece comprised of different colors, shades, and hues? Dimension Inx's 3D-Painting technology is a fresh, materials-centric approach to additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing that imparts exceptional materials selection and application versatility onto manufacturing prices - enabling the design and creation of new, previously out-of-reach technologies. 

Dimension Inx 3D-Paints span materials as diverse as advanced biomaterials that can repair regenerate hard and soft tissues, metals, alloys, ceramics, graphene, and much more! Like common paint colors and their application to a canvas, the 3D-Painting process permits you to work with many different materials for 3D-printing and advanced manufacturing without needing different machines or changing the way you manufacture. Also like common paints, all 3D-Paints are 3D-Painting compatible with each other, allowing them to be employed to create multi-material structures. Blending different colors to get different shades and hues? Yes, the analogy holds true here as well - distinct 3D-Paints can be blended to create compound 3D-Paints with unique material properties.  


We welcome you to explore our site, learn about a few of the revolutionary 3D-Painting materials, and see how 3D-Painting and 3D-Paints such as Hyperelastic Bone®, 3D-Graphene, Fluffy-PLG, and others areas enabling the future of medical and industrial technologies and manufacturing. 




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