Tissue Papers are comprised primarily of decellularized tissue and organ extracellular matrix (ECM), which contain both chemical and structural biological cues inherent to the biological tissue from which they are derived, such as kidney, liver, heart, uterus, etc. This high natural ECM composition, combined with their excellent handling properties makes Tissue Papers ideal, easy to use biomaterials for in vitro and in vivo tissue engineering and tissue modeling applications. Customer or partner must provide to Dimension Inx the tissue from which they wish the Tissue Papers to be made. Tissue Papers are provided in sheets, but other forms can be custom requested. For more information on this material please see the peer-reviewed publications and safety data sheets at the links below. For material purchase inquiries or product development partnership opportunities related to Tissue Papers please contact Dimension Inx.

Tissue Papers can be made from an extensive variety of tissues and organs and are highly bioactive and cell-friendly

Tissue Paper Highlights 

  • Derived from biological tissue

  • Tissue-specific

  • Highly absorbent

  • Surgically friendly

  • Can be used as 3D-Paint Substrate

  • Can be fused to 3D-Painted objects

  • Cytocompatible

  • Small animal tested

  • Soft-to-hard tissue regenerative

  • 3D-Printable variants possible

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