Patented 3D-Painting Materials Design & Manufacturing System


3D-Painting is a unique additive manufacturing process that permits rapid fabrication of three-dimensional objects through simple, room-temperature extrusion of Dimension Inx's proprietary 3D-Paints. With no need for curing, cross-linking, resin-baths, or powder beds, 3D-Painting is a highly scalable process that is compatible with an extensive range of materials. 


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A.E. Jakus, A.L. Rutz, S.W. Jordan, A. Kannan, S.M. Mitchell, C. Yun, K.D. Koube, S.C. Yoo, H.E. Whiteley, C.P. Richter, R.D. Galiano, W.K. Hsu, S.R. Stock, E.L. Hsu, R.N. Shah. Hyperelastic “Bone”: A Highly Versatile, Growth Factor-Free, Osteoregenerative, Scalable, and Surgically Friendly Biomaterial. Science Translational Medicine. 2016, 8(358).

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Y.H. Huang, , S.W. Jordan, Z. Dumanian, K. Parker, L. Zhao, P.K. Patel, R.N. Shah. 3D-Printed "Hyperelastic Bone" Scaffolds Accelerate Bone Regeneration in Critical Sized Calvarial Bone Defects. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2019, 143(5), pp 1397-1407.


A.E. Jakus, N.R Geisendorfer, P.L. Lewis, R.N. Shah. 3D-Printing Porosity: A New Approach to Creating Elevated Porosity Materials and Structures. Acta Biomaterialia. 2018, 72, pp 94-109.

A.E. Jakus, M.M. Laronda, A.S. Rashedi, C.M. Robinson, C. Lee, S.W. Jordan, K.E. Orwig, T.K. Woodruff, R.N. Shah. "Tissue Papers" from Organ-Specific Decellularized Extracellular Matrices. Advanced Functional Materials. 2017, 27(34).

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