3D-Paint and 3D-Painted Objects

Dimension Inx offers a wide variety of 3D-Paints and 3D-Painted objects

that can be tailored to fit your needs for research and commercial applications.

Select research-grade materials may be purchased from the following partners:

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Hyperelastic Bone ®

First-of-its-kind 3D-printable, elastomeric and bioactive

ceramic for bone regeneration

Tissue Papers TM

Tissue-specific, easy-to-handle, ECM-derived biomaterials for

tissue and organ engineering

3D-Graphene & Graphite TM

High electrical conductivity with exceptional bioactivity for
cardiac and nerve tissue repair

Custom 3D-Paints & Objects

Contact us to transform your unique formulation into a
3D-Paint or 3D-printed object

Fluffy-X TM

Ultra-porous, mechanically elastic, easy-to-handle biomaterial for

soft tissue regeneration 

Commercial Medical Devices

We partner with leading medical products companies to bring 3D-printed bioactive devices to market

3D-Painting can also be used for metal, alloy, ceramic, and advanced composite 3D-printing.
Contact us to learn more.

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