Dimension Inx founders, Prof. Ramille Shah and Dr. Adam Jakus began working together in 2010 in the Shah Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing (TEAM) Laboratory at Northwestern University in Chicago. Realizing that the major limitation of 3D-printing's applications in healthcare and industry was the lack of relevant, functional, cost-effective, and scalable materials, rather than insufficient hardware or software, they endeavored to bring to a new, materials-centric approach to 3D-printing. These efforts were not only about going beyond simple materials, but were also about developing a process that would permit nearly any type of material to be rapidly 3D-printed on simple extrusion-based 3D-printers, at room-temperature, without the need for powder-beds, resin-baths, cross-linking, curing, heating, cooling, or drying. What resulted is the technology now known as 3D-Paints and 3D-Painting - a revolutionary approach to materials design and advanced manufacturing that has resulted in the creation of many unique materials, including highly tissue regenerative materials Hyperelastic Bone®, 3D-Graphene, Tissue Papers, and Fluffy-PLG, as well as completely new ways to additively manufacture metals, alloys, ceramics, and extraterrestrial materials.


Motivated by the ever-increasing academic, clinical, and industry requests for the 3D-Paints, Adam and Ramille founded Dimension Inx and began operations in 2017. With the revolutionary 3D-Paint and 3D-Painting platform, Dimension Inx is working with academic and global industry leaders to create new technologies and products that may have been deemed as science fiction just a few years past, but will transform the present and the future.


With the addition of their advisory board, which includes Andy Christensen (pioneer of medical additive manufacturing and 3D-Printing), John Hartner (seasoned executive in additive/3D-printing manufacturing and industry), and Caralynn Collens, MD (innovation strategist, tech entrepreneur, and experienced executive), the management and advisory board teams bring a balance of scientific, engineering, manufacturing, clinical, and business expertise that is propelling Dimension Inx to the forefront of advanced material, medical, and manufacturing industries - Transforming the landscape of manufacturing, improving the lives of patients, and enabling the creation and industrialization of new, advanced high technologies.

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