Hyperelastic Bone® is a revolutionary bioceramic material that is highly osteoregenerative, exceptionally absorbent, and easy to utilize for in vitro and in vivo applications.  Despite being 90% by weight calcium phosphate, the same type of ceramic found in human bones, Hyperelastic Bone® is flexible and even elastic, permitting objects to be press-fit into defects, cut, rolled, folded, sutured, biopsy punched and more.  Like all 3D-Paints, Hyperelastic Bone® 3D-Paint can be 3D-printed at room-temperature via simple nozzle extrusion into simple or complex shapes, does not require additional cross-linking, curing, or sintering and is co-3D-printing compatible and mixable with any other Dimension Inx 3D-Paint.

*Hyperelastic Bone® has not yet been cleared by the FDA for human use. 

Hyperelastic Bone Highlights 

  • 90% Calcium phosphate

  • Hard tissue regenerative

  • Soft-to-hard tissue regenerative

  • Surgically friendly

  • Highly absorbent

  • Purely synthetic

  • Mechanically elastic

  • Storage friendly

  • Rigid if desired

  • Small & large animal tested

Flexible and easy to implement


Highly absorbent

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