Fluffy-X™ is a unique variant on the 3D-Painting technology that enables the incorporation of additional micro- and nano-porosity into nearly any 3D-Painted material. Looking for extra porosity in your 3D-Painted materials? For more information on this material please see the peer-reviewed publications and safety data sheets at the links below. For inquiries or product development partnership opportunities related to the Fluffy-X 3D-Painting system please contact Dimension Inx. 


*Fluffy-PLG has not yet been cleared by the FDA for human use. 

Fluffy-PLG is an extremely porous biomaterial entirely of medical quality polylactide-co-glycolide co-polymer. Derived from a particular 3D-Painted divalent salt, 3D-Printed Fluffy-PLG is highly cytocompatible in vitro and biocompatible in vivo, as shown in small animal studies. Being greater than 90% porous, Fluffy-PLG is highly absorbent and rapidly integrates with surrounding tissues and vascularizes upon implantation. Despite its high porosity, Fluffy-PLG is mechanically robust and capable of being press fit, folded, rolled, cut, biopsy punched, sutured, and more. 3D-Pritned Fluffy-PLG can be loaded with liquids, gels, and/or cells prior to use - effectively giving unstructured liquid-based materials form and structure.  Like all 3D-Paints, Fluffy-PLG 3D-Paint Precursor can be 3D-printed at room-temperature via simple nozzle extrusion into simple or complex shapes, does not require additional cross-linking, curing, or sintering and is co-3D-printing compatible with any other Dimension Inx 3D-Paint. 3D-Printed Fluffy-PLG does require distinct, but simple post-printing wash steps to yield high porosity structures.

Fluffy-PLG Highlights

  • >90% Porous

  • similar to natural extra cellular matrix

  • Soft tissue regenerative

  • Surgically friendly

  • Highly absorbent

  • Excellent gel carrier

  • Excellent cell carrier

  • Mechanically elastic

  • Storage friendly

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