Adam E. Jakus, PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jakus received his BS and MS degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology, where he worked on: The experimental and computational design and development of new metal- and ceramic-based energetic materials; ballistic projectile-material interaction simulation and experiments; materials design for thermochemical nano-lithography; quantum dot design and synthesis; and more. In 2014, He received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University and was a founding member of the Shah Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory based on Northwestern University's Chicago campus within Northwestern Memorial Hospital. From 2014-2016, Adam received A Hartwell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (awarded to individuals for innovative and cutting-edge biomedical applied research that will potentially benefit children). While at Northwestern University, he developed a new, materials-centric approach to 3D-printing and advanced manufacturing, now referred to as 3D-Painting, which comprises hundreds of new, room-temperature 3D-printable (also castable and weavable) materials for medical and non-medical purposes. These materials include but are not limited to the highly tissue and organ regenerative Hyperelastic Bone® (A surgically friendly, factor- and cell-free, highly osteo-regenerative biomaterial), 3D-Graphene (A highly electrically conductive biomaterial utilized for cardiac, muscular, and neurological tissue repair and regeneration), organ-specific Tissue Papers (A new class of biomaterials derived from individual tissues and organs), and Fluffy-X™ (an advanced, highly porous biomaterial with extensive applications in soft tissue and full organ repair and biofabrication to be used in conjunction with advanced hydrogels), as well as 3D-Metals and Alloys, advanced ceramics for energy storage and generation, electronics, extraterrestrial regoliths, and more. From 2010-2017, Adam was also actively involved in the development of new hydrogel technologies and worked to define "Materials Design for 3D-Printing" as a general field of study and research.  Due to increasing commercial and industry demand for the 3D-Paints and 3D-Painting technology, in 2016, Adam co-founded the advanced materials company Dimension Inx. Since 2017, Adam has been Chief Technology Officer at Dimension Inx LLC, leading day-to-day operations, technology development, strategic development and partnerships, as well as materials sales. Adam is the author and co-author of numerous high impact medical and non-medical publications, book chapters, and industrial publications. In addition to Dimension Inx being an active member of ARMI and BioFabUSA since late 2017, with Adam having co-run the ARMI's first biofabrication workshop in June 2018, he has also been actively involved with other professional societies, including SMEs Medical Manufacturing Innovation group, where he now leads the Biomaterials and Bioprinting Workshop at the annual RAPID+TCT meeting; the 3D-Printing Special Interest Group of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA); and the Society for Biomaterials. As part of these societies, Adam is not only involved with technology development and education, but also activities related to standards development, professional certificates and certifications, biofabrication body of knowledge development, and regulatory input and guidelines.

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