Ceramic 3D-Paints, like all 3D-Paints, can be 3D-printed at room-temperature via simple nozzle extrusion into simple or complex shapes and are co-3D-printing compatible and mixable with any other Dimension Inx 3D-Paint. Typically comprised of approximately 70 vol.% ceramic, 3D-Painted ceramic objects are highly robust and can even be made to be flexible or plastically deformable in their as-3D-printed or "green state". 3D-Painted ceramics must be sintered to yield final ceramic objects. However, unlike other ceramic 3D-printing methods which also require post-printing sintering, 3D-Painted ceramic structures, if processed correctly, do not warp or crack. Post-processing conditions are dependent on particular ceramic and sintering atmosphere utilized. Dimension Inx can readily provide 3D-Paints made from numerous common metals or alloys. If you have a simple or complex ceramic you'd like to see in 3D-Paint form, please contact Dimension Inx. 

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